Saturday, September 18, 2010

Into Every Vacation a Little Rain Must Fall - Day 3

A simple and unavoidable truth. Fortunately for us, the rain that fell today was nothing worse than a meteorological event, the opening up of the sky, an outpouring of ... rain. Nothing that would ruin a good day on the road.

Italian train preparing to leave Milano Central

The skies were gray, but dry, as we left Milan's central train station. We found ourselves seated next to a group of four jolly English ladies and the trip went rather quickly. A steady rain was falling by the time we reached the lakeside town of Como, where we were to catch a bus to Cadenabbia. We did not anticipate this would be as much amusement park thrill-ride as transportation. Either the roads are too narrow and winding for buses, or the buses are too wide and too long for the roads. There were several occasions when buses or cars backed up or scrunched as close as possible to the side in order for the more aggressive driver to get through. [The same four Brits were in our coach, but were determined to make their 10 km walk that day, so got out midway.]

We exited at the town of Cadenabbia, apparently not having comprehended the innkeeper's instructions regarding a bus stop right in front of the Albergetto La Mariana. It actually was not a great distance to our inn, and would have been a most pleasant lakeside stroll if not for the wind and the rain.

In our room and drying off, we were pleased to learn that we have a lakeside room and will have a magnificent view of lake and mountains behind it when the clouds clear.

View from our balcony

We rested, had a wonderful meal in the inn's dining room, and I caught up on adding photos to earlier blogs. Later in the afternoon, the rain died down somewhat and we decided to get out. Our hostess offered me the use of one of the family "ombrelli". We at least wanted to get a look at the village in which we are staying and find a pizzeria.

Lakefront businesses in Cadenabbia

One cannot help but notice German and Swiss influences in the buildings. Switzerland lies but a few miles to the west of this village. The area has long been popular a popular holiday destination with the British, and the spire of an Anglican church can be seen in this photo.

About this time the weather was becoming more favorable, to the point where Bellagio, our next day's destination across the lake could be seen.

View across Lake Como toward Bellaggio
We did find a nice little pizzeria in town, and while checking out the menu outside, fell into conversation with a couple from Bristol, England, who happen to be staying at the same little inn that we are. We took a table for four, they shared a delightful bottle of Prosecca with us, and we a most enjoyable time of conversation together. Much of our talk centered on social issues regarding healthcare and education in our countries, and the commonality of our problems.  (Oh yea - we enjoyed the food as well.) 

And a good night to all.

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